You’ve found my awesome website for my schoolmates! Congrats! Now you’ll need to create a profile for yourself to comment on my amazing posts! Go to simply wordpress.com and find create account. Now once you’ve done that you are at the amazing website of wordpress.com! Now if you’d like to create your VERY OWN BLOG, go and comment if you wanna make one and ill help! Now, if your Birthday is NOT on the birthday page please comment on the school chit-chat page and ill put up the countdown as quick as a wink! Remember! I only put up birthdays 2 weeks before it so dont blabber on about a birthday a month away! Go to the top of your screen and click: School chitchat. I will post the latest news about school and you guys can comment about it! I sometimes even put up POLLS! So come on down and chat! Thanks for visiting! Website viewable on mobile devices!


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